Updates on Evan

Problems posting an update.

Posted by: Myra
Date: December 31st, 2008

Sorry for the delay in updating. Over the last couple of days I’ve tried to post updates but kept getting error messages – although you received “update” notification messages. We're trying to figure out why.

More to come.


Home for Christmas.

Posted by: Myra
Date: December 24th, 2008

Evan is feeling better now than he did on Sunday. His fever is gone and the stomach cramps have lessened. We are so grateful to be home for Christmas. Now, if the weather would just cooperate!

Yesterday was round #22 of chemo, another injection of Vincristine. The doctor is going to hold off next week and give Evan’s body a break. In general his counts are still decent, but is hemoglobin is low.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ we thank the Lord for hearing our prayers. Some have said, “Your faith must really be tested during a situation like this.” Actually, we’ve never once wavered in our belief that God has Evan in his hands. Not for one second have we ever believed that God made Evan sick.

We do believe He listens when we pray. We believe He comforts when it all becomes too much. We believe in miracles.

Wishing each of you the love of family, peace of mind, and the joy of faith this Christmas.

Jeff, Myra & Evan


'round midnight.

Posted by: Myra
Date: December 21st, 2008

11:15 p.m. and Evan's counts have come back "acceptable." Low, but not horribly so. They've given him a bolus of fluids and are now infusing GCSF.

They don't know if it's dehydration that has caused him to be sick and feverish, a virus, or what.

They would rather have Evan at home than expose him to other germs up here, so that's where we're headed.

The Lord is with us.


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