Updates on Evan

Prayers requested.

Posted by: Myra
Date: November 30th, 2009

Due to a change in the anesthesiologist's schedule, Evan's MRI and CT scans are going to be done tomorrow morning instead of Thursday. We prayed these words together last year, please join us again:

“Lord, our God, may healing, health and holiness be Evan’s. May peace, grace and love surround him. Shepherd him, God, with your love and presence. Blessed are You, Lord and God, you rescue those You love. Blessed are You, who holds Evan in your loving care.”

Thank you for your support.


Pumpkin pie and prayers.

Posted by: Myra
Date: November 24th, 2009

Friday of last week we had the pleasure of participating in the WDBR radiothon at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. This event raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network which in turn provides many services and programs to the pediatric patients and families at St. John’s. You can always feel good about giving to CMN because 100% of the proceeds raised locally stay here and are given to St. John’s and SIU School of Medicine for their pediatric patients. Quite a few people called in and made pledges in honor of Evan, thank you so much for your support.

Evan did a terrific job on the air. I had trouble keeping my composure and Jeff kept handing the microphone back to me. We all had a good laugh when Jeff’s cell phone rang during the interview because his ringtone is Hershey barking -- so I guess you could say the whole family was present.

Saturday morning Evan woke up with a cough that steadily turned worse by day’s end and he began to run a temperature. By Sunday we knew he had the flu, so we called the doctor – he started Evan on Tamiflu. He went to the doctor on Monday and had his blood checked just to make sure it wasn’t an infection in his port line. Those results were negative. He’s feeling better today, but still not 100%. Luckily, this was a short week at school, so he didn’t have to miss too many days.

Once again our scan anxiety has begun. Evan will have his 3-month MRI and chest X-ray a week from Thursday on December 3. Please pray with us that Evan’s cancer remains in remission and there has been no new growth.

It probably goes without saying that our family has been forever altered by this experience with cancer. You really learn what’s important and what’s not. You also learn that living in the moment is real. That listening to your child talk, laugh, read, and sleep is golden. And, that faith is often the only light in the darkness of despair.

When I think how far we’ve come since last Thanksgiving it truly is amazing. We continue to be forever grateful to our family, friends, co-workers, and St. Agnes school and parish communities for all their love and support. We are so thankful for the outstanding medical care the doctors and nurses have given (and continue to give). And, we praise God each day for the miracle he has shown us in Evan.

May God bless you and your family as you gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and always.

With love and hope,
The Hoffmans


In his own words.

Posted by: Myra
Date: November 20th, 2009

Just a brief message to let you know that Evan will be sharing his story on the radio today. He's participating in the WDBR 103.7 FM Radiothon at St. John's Children's Hospital to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. So, if you're near your radio or near a computer (you can listen live online), tune in at 2:30 p.m.!


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