Updates on Evan

Schedule for All Hallows Eve.

Posted by: Myra
Date: October 30th, 2008

We head back to the 5th floor at St. Johnís tomorrow morning for chemo cycle #15. Although itís Halloween, Evan isnít too disappointed since he gave up trick or treating last year. I couldnít believe it when he said he didnít want to go last year. My mom had to ask me to quit going when I was 13! (I think the neighbors called her to complain when Sheryl, Lori, Barb and I kept trick or treating but didnít bother putting on costumes.)

Jeff came home tonight with a HUGE Halloween basket full of tricks and treats from his very thoughtful co-workers! Thank you to Colleen, Lynne, Kathy, Carol and Carol, Mark & Kathy, Sandy, Imee and Sylvia. What a nice surprise for Evan. Thank you so much.

This chemo round consists of an injection of Vincristine, a 1-hour infusion of Cyclophosphamide and (2) 24-hour infusions of Doxorubicin. As always, lots of IV fluids and Zofran for the nausea will be given too. If all goes well we hope to be out by late in the day on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for your Halloween wishes.


Hello to all from Evan

Posted by: Evan
Date: October 29th, 2008

Hello everyone this is Evan writing from our house,we aren't at the hospital yet. We go back into the hospital on Friday for another round of chemo. I'm sure you all know that I recently had a G tube implanted in my stomach so I'm pretty sore. The way that I'm fed is pretty weird, we have to pour cans of Pediasure into my tube and that carries it into my stomach. Well, best Halloween wishes to all and to all a good day. Be safe, brush your teeth and always love your pets.


A new normal.

Posted by: Myra
Date: October 28th, 2008

We are all slowly but surely getting used to the new routine involved with Evanís g-tube. Itís been pretty frightening for Evan to have this new appliance protruding from his stomach. Frightening for all of us, honestly. Between the infus-a-port in his chest and now this, he said he feels like the bionic boy. We all know itís a godsend because it will help deliver the nutrition he needs, but itís just so sad that he has to endure any of this.

Evan has been sleeping a lot the last few days, 12-15 hours a night. Weíre not sure if heís still worn out from the surgery or if his body is just getting used to having a full stomach again. He had a low grade fever tonight and we pray it doesnít turn into anything more.

Every day we wake up and still canít believe our sweet Evan has cancer. You would think four months later we would be used to the idea, but we aren't. We know we canít change it, how we wish we could. We can't change it, but we will do everything we can to help him through this unimaginable experience.

We thank you for walking with us.


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