Updates on Evan

Three months, four days, and one hour.

Posted by: Myra
Date: September 13th, 2010

We wanted to give you an update with regards to the Pease’s Charity Event, which included raising funds for the Evan Hoffman Children’s Fund at St. John’s Hospital August 25-31.

Rob Flesher and Doug Anderson, owners of Pease’s, recently sent us this message. “We have never had so many comments on our choice of charities. I heard a lot of very moving Evan stories during that week. Many customers not only came in to support the cause but also refused the change that was due from their sale to be added to the donation.” Wow! Thank you to all those who generously participated, and did so in memory of our sweet Evan.

It’s been three months since Evan died. If possible, he is missed more each day than the last. The simple truth is, there is no “getting over or getting used to” his absence. We just do the best we can to honor his memory by continuing to live life for him – something he bravely fought for each day.