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Posted by: Myra
Date: July 31st, 2008

We posted a new photo of Evan and the now famous Annie B. I think you can tell by their smiling faces what great friends they were then (in kindergarten) and continue to be now. We hear so many heartwarming comments from people with regards to the wristbands and how they are an instant reminder of Evan and his fight. Thank you so much for wearing yours and thinking of our beautiful son.

We’ve gone from riding rollercoasters to escalators with a number of ups and downs the last several days. On the upside Evan has gained back a pound and three-quarters which is great. On the downside he spent most of today sick from an adverse reaction to morphine. Although he was not feeling well for most of the day, Evan did push himself to take a “lap” around the 5th floor and sit in a chair. This is the most he’s been upright for the past seven days. We’ve learned to celebrate the small victories.

Jeff made Evan an awesome “Radiation Countdown” calendar today – so Evan can mark off the last six days. They certainly can’t come too soon.

With continued gratitude for your love and support,

Myra, Jeff and Evan



Posted by: Myra
Date: July 29th, 2008

You know you’ve been at the hospital too long when as a civilian you can actually start, stop, re-set and silence an IV pump. Slowly but surely the TPN feeding is starting to perk Evan back up a bit. His fever is gone and it’s now believed this is part of a pattern he’ll experience each time he has a round of Irinotecan. His stomach is still hurting considerably, so he continues to receive a morphine push every 2-4 hours.

We were able to resume radiation yesterday. Counting today, Evan has now had 20 radiation treatments and only has eight more to go. He’ll be finished on Aug. 8th if we stay on schedule. The doctors felt it best to get the radiation over with rather than have his throat heal and then have to go through all this again. As noted previously, the side effects are cumulative so Evan’s throat and mouth will still be hurting for a week or two after the treatments are through. We can’t go home with the TPN, so he’ll likely either have an NG tube or gastrostomy (stomach) tube inserted until he’s able to eat again on his own. Most likely this decision will be made next week.

Originally we were told this would be evaluation week (week 6), but they will not do the MRI until the radiation is complete.

We wheeled Evan outside today on the way back from radiation just so he could feel the warm breeze on his face. Evan is very sad about his predicament, but he is very determined to get better too.

We are so grateful to our family, friends (old and new), and the community for your outpouring of support. Guess ‘ole Hillary was right when she said, “it takes a village.”



Posted by: Myra
Date: July 27th, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,
We've had some people ask why bracelets weren't available at masses today, see the message below (originally posted on the message board 7/25).

Also, on the front page of the Sports section in today's State Journal-Register there is a picture of Andre Iguodala, NBA basketball player, and he's wearing one of Evan's bracelets. He visited Evan's floor on Friday night and Jeff took off his bracelet so Evan could give it to Andre. We're thrilled he thought enough of Evan to wear it. It has to be pretty tight on his wrist!

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers. Your messages help get us through the day.

Jeff, Myra and Evan


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