Updates on Evan

Thank yous all around.

Posted by: Myra
Date: May 17th, 2012

Evanwalk is only three days away! We could never pull this off without the tremendous volunteer support we've received from a terrific group of people. Thank you so much.

Likewise, our corporate sponsors, business and in-kind donors make this event possible through their generous support. We can never thank you enough!

And, finally, thank you to the 362 people who have pre-registered and/or made donations to Evanwalk! 100% of your donations will be given to the Evan Hoffman Children's Fund for St. John's Children's Hospital. To correct a recent newspaper article on Evanwalk, the Fund was set up to benefit and add comfort for the sickest pediatric patients including the NICU and cancer patients.

Some of our friends and family are unable to attend Evanwalk due to graduation, please know we'll be thinking of you on your special day!

I read an article on grief the other day and it said, "We are together in this, all of us, in joy and in loss. It's the connections we make with each other that matter -- it's the connections we make that give life value and help us face each morning."

Evanwalk is a beautiful example of our community coming together through sadness to remember a boy who brought us so much joy.

Thank you for celebrating Evan's life with us.


15 wishes for you.

Posted by: Mom
Date: May 1st, 2012

On your 15th birthday, dear Evan, I wish:

1. You had never had or known the word cancer.
2. We had found the cure to save your life.
3. We had let you eat the whole bag of Oreo's.
4. You would have felt well enough to travel.
5. You could have played paintball one more time.
6. You knew how much joy you brought us.
7. You could have gone to college in Paris like you wanted.
8. You were putting together a Lego while I watched.
9. You were curled up in my lap.
10. You were saying mom for the umpteenth time.
11. You were playing whack ball with dad on the driveway.
12. You were texting the night away with Annie.
13. You were asking to be picked up or dropped off.
14. You were reading a book out loud to me.
15. You were here.

We love and miss you so, so, much. Xoxo