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Evan's Corner.

Posted by: Myra
Date: May 25th, 2011

Some terrific evanwalk photos have been posted at evanwalk.com and at facebook.com/evanwalk. Be sure to check those out. Thanks to Sarah, Andria, Jewel, Sheryl and others for the great shots. I missed mentioning St. Brendanís Church in my last post-walk update -- thank you to Stan and all of our friends at St. Brendanís for your continued love and support.

Books were quite simply the world to Evan. They allowed him to travel, wonder, and dream during a very dark time in his life. In fact, reading was a part of our lives together from the moment he was born. Jeff or I read to him every single day and as he got older he read to us. When we were deciding what kind of memorial we wanted to set up with the school, we chose books. We dedicated ďEvanís CornerĒ at St. Agnes School earlier this month with a special ceremony and blessing. We bought a rotating bookcase and added some of Evanís own books (labeled as such) along with some of his favorites that we purchased. The bookcase carries a lovely plaque with his image, so the kids in years to come will know who Evan Hoffman is/was.

Along with the bookcase, Sr. Joan and Fr. Bob helped us establish the ďEvan J. Hoffman Readerís Award.Ē Money that was donated to St. Agnes in memory of Evan will be used toward this award which comes with a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card, and for purchasing additional Evanís Corner books. Thank you to Evanís 8th Grade class who surprised us with a gift of $500 for Evanís Corner as well as a beautiful rug and bean bag chairs for the space. Congrats to Will and Lindsey, this yearís award recipients.

Evanís class graduated last week. We gave out the Readerís Awards earlier in the day at an awards program, but we didnít attend the graduation. It was a very sad time for us and we didnít want our sadness to diminish the happiness of others. I hope everyone understood.

So many of you have reached out to us with your remembrances of Evan, your kind words and continued prayers. We thank you, and ask God to bless you.


A day to remember.

Posted by: Myra
Date: May 2nd, 2011

The following is the blessing Fr. Bob Jallas so eloquently delivered at the start of evanwalk yesterday. It certainly captured the essence of our day Ė beautifully moving, charitable, spiritual, emotional and love-filled.

ďGod and Father of life, gracious and loving, today is the birthday of our and your beloved, Evan. His birth and his life brought deep joy to his mom and dad, Myra and Jeff, and to all of us who have shared in his life in so many varied ways.

Though there is ever a tinge of sorrow underneath our hearts at his passing, over and over again we give thanks for the courage and zest for life, the youthful sense of wit and love that Evan gave to us. Evan would say and remind us, ďLook on the bright side of life.Ē Indeed, this is an expression of Resurrection faith. Evan is alive in you, Lord. And in such faith, you send us to be witnesses to your life and love among us, in our world, right now, wherever we may be.

Bless this walk in Evanís honor. May it be a loving reminder that you and Evan and all who have gone before us in faith are with us daily and always walk with us in the Spirit.

May the charity and support raised this day help children and youth in their challenges of health and be a sign of your gracious care and Evanís loving concern.

We ask this through the Lord Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns with you in unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.Ē

The day started with lots of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. By check-in the clouds rolled in and the air became a little chilly, but no rain!

Approximately 555 people joined us in a huddle for the balloon release and laughter filled the air as the balloons headed straight for the trees instead of the sky. I imagined the giant tree to be Evanís spirit reaching out with his arms to catch the balloons -- just like a kid would do.

Between registration donations, the bake sale and 50/50 raffle proceeds, we raised approximately $17,000 for the Evan Hoffman Childrenís Fund for St. Johnís Childrenís Hospital! You should feel good in knowing how much this extra support will mean to the kids and their families.

Along with our co-event chairs Sheryl Friedrich and Lori Curry, an army of over 50 volunteers helped us plan, set up, run and clean up the event! It goes without saying we couldnít have done it without all of you - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Many thanks to our major corporate sponsors and donors for their generosity in helping us put on this event Ė BOS, Zaraís Collision Center, HIP Advertising, A Totís World, Prairie Heart Institute, Norton Agency, RW Troxell, Mid-America Advertising, Butler Funeral Homes, Friedrich/McGrath/Wort/Mishkel Families, Green Hyundai, Allen Henderson & Associates, Northend Storage, Creasey Printing Services, Franklin Marketing, Best Expo, Stevenson Drive U-Haul, Schmidt Family and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Bakers, you guys baked your buns off! Thank you so much for all the tasty treats. Jill and Todd Musso won the 50/50 raffle and donated their half back to the fund, thank you! Miss Chicago, Erika Uhlig, added the sparkle and shine to the day -- as nice as she was beautiful. And, BOS Dog was quite the hit with the kids, too.

Weíre still gathering photos from the event and hope to post those soon. If you have a photo of your group or a favorite image or two from the day youíd like to share, please send them to walk@evanwalk.com.

And, finally, thank you for helping us honor our sonís memory and to make it through an emotional day. God put each and every one of you in our path to help with our broken hearts. You have surrounded us with your compassion, grace, peace and love. We are forever grateful.