Updates on Evan

Cranes are flying for Evan!

Posted by: Myra
Date: January 27th, 2010

Evan had his 4th chemo infusion this past Tuesday. Looking on the bright side itís certainly nicer to be able to leave the hospital when heís finished rather than having to stay for a week at a time. His blood counts were back up due to the GCSF shots, no doubt. He decided to have his dad give him the shots since it had been four months since he had given them to himself.

A lot of people have asked if Evan has been able to go to school, sadly he hasnít. The treatments just make him too tired. He sleeps 12-13 hours each night and just doesnít have much energy. And, he continues to have headaches. Happily, he is still eating well which makes a big difference. Jeff has done an excellent job refocusing Evanís diet since he started eating again.

If you read the message board, you know that Evanís school family has been busy on a special project. The St. Agnes staff, students and their families (we heard even some nurses at St. Johnís!) have made 2,000 + origami (paper) cranes in honor of Evan and they are hanging from ceiling throughout the school hallways. Amazing!! Sr. Joan, Evanís principal wrote, ďIn Japan, cranes are often given to someone suffering from illness, as a prayer for their recovery, as a wish for happiness, and as an expression of peace. A prayer often spoken over time by mothers seeking the protection of cranes has been: "O flock of heavenly cranes cover my child with your wings." Our prayer, Evan, joining with your mother and father is: "O Spirit of God, cover Evan with your healing power. Grant him the energy and strength he needs each day. Be with him and surround him with your love and care."

Evan and Jeff were able to go to St. Agnes last Friday after school to see them. Evan was so amazed by all the effort (and talent) it has taken to create this wonderful tribute. I plan to stop in before the end of the week to see them and Iíll take a photo or two to share. Thank you so very much for this beautiful show of faith and support.

Many different people have told us that they are praying specifically to Pope John Paul II asking for his intercession for Evanís healing. Pope John Paul II needs a miracle to become a Saint. Let's all pray that Evan will be his miracle.


Three down, three to go.

Posted by: Myra
Date: January 19th, 2010

Evan had his third infusion of chemo today. His CBC showed his blood counts are down, so heíll have to inject himself with GCSF Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Heíll have three more treatments before they do another scan, we figure itíll be the week of February 15. Needless to say itís an anxious wait.

Thank you so much to all the St. Agnes students who have kindly made and sent cards to Evan. Our whole family has enjoyed reading and looking at them. Each one has been unique and heartfelt. God bless you for continuing to support your classmate.


Status quo.

Posted by: Myra
Date: January 15th, 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting. The minute we hit Pittsburgh on December 27 I knew I was sick. I figured the stress had finally caught up with me. My doctorís office in Springfield was kind enough to phone in a prescription to the hospitalís pharmacy in Pittsburgh. Meantime, I continued to get worse. Three rounds of antibiotics, a bad batch of steroids and a nasty nose spray later, Iím just now starting to feel better. Jeff also got sick upon our return. Letís just say ďPuffsĒ should see a huge upswing in their first quarter sales this year. Thankfully, Evanís counts have remained good so his immune system isnít as comprised as it was before. Although the last couple of days heís started to sneeze and sniffle, too.

The other day I said, ďIím so tired of feeling bad.Ē Evan just smiled at me. I knew instantly what a stupid thing that was to say after everything heís endured/enduring. And yet, he hardly ever complains.

Evan had his second chemo infusion on Tuesday. Heíll have another one this Tuesday. The main side effect seems to be fatigue. Otherwise heís doing well right now.

We appreciate your continued prayers and supportive messages.


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