Messages for Evan


Thinking of you

Posted by: carol schmidt
Date: October 27th, 2010

Dear Myra and Jeff,

Thinking of you both so often,and of course Evan,as the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors..his presence is everywhere! God bless..


We miss you

Posted by: Class Mate
Date: October 23rd, 2010

Hey Evan. Just to let you know where thinking about you a lot lately because were making our 8th grade t-shirts and you are going to be apart of them! I just wanted to say I really miss you a lot. I know your looking down on everyone. We miss you bunches. Love you always.


Evan's Tree

Posted by: Trish Penning
Date: October 21st, 2010

Hi Myra and Jeff,
Just wanted you to know that the Kindergarten (both classes) planted tulip bulbs under Evan's tree today. We gathered around the tree and prayed for Evan. Hopefully next spring you will see beautiful red and purple tulips blooming.


Hi Myra and Jeff!

Posted by: Courtney N
Date: October 21st, 2010

We miss Evan so much :( If only God could show us all the great stuff he's doing, it would be so much easier. Sometimes I wish our perspective here on earth wasn't so small in the grand scheme, but I know there's a reason for it. Miss you guys. We think about you non stop and continue to pray for your broken hearts!!!!

Norris/Kinsel-Jones Clan


Good Morning

Posted by: Norma Kinsel
Date: October 9th, 2010

When I woke this morning, a smile came over my face as I remembered that Andrew was the new Student Council president at St. Agnes. Then immediately beautiful Evan came to mind. I pictured the two of them making posters together, and how clever they would look. Perhaps Evan's name would be on some of them too, as I can't imagine hIm not wanting to be right in the thick of things.
Myra and Jeff, I know you have moments like that all the time, and although the pain has to still be so raw, I want you to know that, as we go on living our daily lives, Evan and YOU remain in our thoughts and prayers always. He continues to be such a positive presence in the lives of so many people. I hope Evan visits you in your dreams. When my mom died , I was 24 years old and nine months pregnant with Courtney. For the first couple of years, I had the most beautiful and peaceful dreams in which Mom would come and visit me. We would have these wonderful talks. When I woke it was bittersweet, but I always felt a warmth inside that felt like a gift from God. It was such a positive experience, that I hoped it was one that you could also know.
Continuing to pray for you both.



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