Messages for Evan


Just thinking of Evan...

Posted by: Jan Dullenty
Date: January 31st, 2011

Just a note to let you know I was just thinking of Evan....for some reason he was just pulling on my heart and I wanted to share that feeling with you...

Mrs. D


Homesick for Heaven

Posted by: just a friend
Date: January 13th, 2011

Dear Hoffmans,

I was reading a caringbridge site for a dear little boy named RykenBailey. He became an angel this morning and Evan can teach him so many things now. He is from the town of Auburn where I grew up. As I was reading, a guestbook reader had posted about the song, Homesick, by MercyMe, its on UTUBE. I have never had or lost a child, but I have lost a parent, and I know how much I am homesick to see my dad in heaven so many times. I was thinking that this song might somehow help on some days. Hoping everyday for soft touches and winds and Evanisms for all of you.



Warmest wishes for this year!

Posted by: Jill Musso
Date: January 6th, 2011

Hi Myra & Jeff,

I have thought of you often this holiday season and prayed for Evan to send you signs so that you can feel close to his spirit... Somehow, I knew he would come through! I was reminded of your story you have told us about the year of the kidney stones / diseased tree. Despite those challenges, you two made that Christmas as special and wonderful for Evan as any other year. I truly think he continues to feel your endless love for him and was doing his best to return the favor this year by sending you your White Christmas:)

I pray that you each find some peace and comfort this new year.



Happy New Year

Posted by: The Mcclains
Date: January 2nd, 2011

Happy New Year!!!
Thinking of you always