About Evan


In June 2008 at the age of 11 our otherwise healthy son, Evan, was diagnosed with the rare pediatric cancer rhabdomyosarcoma. Before cancer (and even after) Evan was an honor roll student at St. Agnes School. He ran cross country, played basketball, earned an orange belt in Karate, was a voracious reader and loved hanging out with his friends.

Evan’s favorite color was blue, his favorite meal was spaghetti. He had a Chocolate Lab he named Hershey Kiss Hoffman. During the two years he battled cancer, Evan used every ounce of his strength, his keen mind, and a terrific sense of humor to fight. He did absolutely everything that was asked of him, and more.

Our funny, smart and loving son captivated the community as he fought with all his might to live. Through this Web site, Evan united thousands of people with his example of abiding faith and good humor in the face of adversity. On June 9, 2010 Evan died as he had lived — bravely, with an abundance of love and joy in his heart. He was so very thankful for his many prayer warriors and supporters, especially his classmates at St. Agnes.

Evan J. Hoffman will never be forgotten.